Hyaluronic Peptides serum 70 ml


Hyaluronic Peptides serum 70 ml

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Hyaluronic PEPTIDES is a must have serum for aged skin as it directly targets wrinkles and skin laxity.

This serum contains the base solution XS hyaluronic acid 2%, and two powerful anti-wrinkle peptides at a 5% strength, these peptides are: Tripeptide-1 which is used to stimulate stem cell proliferation; as stem cells are proliferated by Tripeptide-1, different functional cells including fibroblasts can be derived from stem cells, and Hexapeptide-12 which is a repeated amino acids sequence that is found in elastin, produced by fibroblasts. Hexapeptide-12 demonstrates a positive effect on elastin production.

We recommend this serum generally for the age group of 40+ or anyone suffering from early signs of skin ageing, open pores or acne scarring.

Use at day and night time.